Japan: Asia Preliminary Tournament

Video: Day 1 (6:14)

Video: Day 2 (9:03)

Schiesser Cup 2017 which adds color to the New Year was held at Enagic Sedake CC from February 11 to 1 2 by courtesy of Enagic International for the first time in three years. 107 of the top players from all over Japan such as three Japanese National team members participated in a fierce competition at the Sedake CC. Enagic Sedake CC is a narrow course with tight green undulation. So it is a difficult course which requires strategy. Players tested their abilities to handle the difficult course. Moreover, top players were having hard time during the round in a mixture of strong wind and rain on the first day of the competition. Hina Arakaki, Enagic Golf Academy’s top player was leading after the first day, but she could not withstand the competitors and missed the championship. At the division of the upper grade of elementary school, Hirohito Nakasone of Enagic Golf Academy won the championship. Four out of the top five players were from Enagic Golf Academy. But for both men’s and women’s division, players from outside of Okinawa won the championship and the result was regretful for the academy as the host team. Winners of the preliminaries will be qualified to attend the Enagic Junior Championship which will be held at the same place from April 14 to 16. So the Academy members are willing to buckle down to work to hog the front row. Thanks to your cooperation, we were able to complete the event successfully. We are looking forward to working with you at the Asia Championship.

Boys 1st place: Yuuki Ikeda 池田 悠希
Boys 1st place: Momoko Ohzato 大里 桃子
Elementary 12 & Over: Akihito Nakasone 仲宗根 祥仁
Elementary 9 & Under: Hayato Hashihira 橋平 隼人